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Basket Stamp Around an Object or Figure the Easy Way

basket stamp leatherLearning to Basket Stamp leather is relatively straightforward and one of the first decorative skills we learn in leatherwork.  This tool and the design that it creates has been around for well over a century and works great to cover a project quickly and easily.

One of the more challenging tasks that come up in some projects is Basket Stamping around a brand, figure or object that is in the middle of a piece.  Many times this can lead to a pattern that becomes off course and just doesn’t seem to work.  This can lead to a project, or at least a piece of it, having to be remade to correct the mistake in the pattern.

I have created this Quick Tip video to show you how I work around this issue.  This video will show you my technique for insuring that my basket stamp, or any other geometric pattern, will maintain its course around an object and be correct.

If you have had trouble with this in the past, then check out this video and see if this little tip can help you on future projects.

Here is a video we did in the past on “Basket Stamping a Leather Belt Quickly” if you want to see a little more on basket stamping leather.

Basket Stamp design has been, and will continue to be, one of the most attractive and popular geometric designs when it comes to leatherwork.  No matter if it is on a belt, wallet, holster, or even a saddle, this conservative pattern seems to appeal to the majority of consumers.  Learning to run one of these stamps can have a positive impact on the products that you design.

How to Make a Leather Apple Watch Band

In this Project video, I show you how to make a Leather Apple Watch Band.  I finally took some time to sit down and design three different styles based audience request.  The Apple Watch is extremely popular and having a custom leather watch band made for them is a common request.

Our goal with this video is to show my process for making the three different styles and to hopefully help anyone try their hand at making these.  If you are looking for that perfect Christmas item to offer to your customers as gift ideas, then this is a great one.

As with all of our Project Videos, we have created a Companion Pattern Pack.  In this pack, you will find all the cut patterns for all three styles as well as 6 different tooling patterns for each style.  If you would like to purchase the Companion Pack for this Project Video, then Click Here and grab that.

The buckles that I used for these bands are made by Rockin Out Silver.  These buckles are affordable and look great!

Here are some useful links of friends of ours and of videos I have done you might find helpful:

Here is an affiliate amazon link for the Apple Watch Adapters that I bought off Amazon.  (I get a couple pennies if you purchase using this affiliate link)

Dyeing background on leather and antiquing:  https://youtu.be/xmMSJIlHm18

How I slick my leather edges:  https://youtu.be/95rsf0kKTCw

As well as a blog post we wrote on slicking edges.

Leather and Supplies:  https://makersleathersupply.com

Sewing Machines:  https://leathermachineco.com




How to Make a New Style Shave Kit

Last year around this time we created a project video for a shave kit.  That video was for what I call a “bear trap” style shave kit.  In this video I show how to make a new style shave kit.  I wanted a shave kit that wasn’t so big and bulky.  I also wanted one that could hang and this is what I came up with.

I don’t have a good name for this shave kit at this time.  I have just been calling it my “New Style.”  If you watch the video and have any suggestions on a cool name for it, let me know.

Did you try your hand at making the bear trap shave kit?  If you did and you enjoyed it, then this would be a great step up project.  This pattern isn’t extremely complicated, but it does have a few more challenging techniques in it. Continue reading