Saddles Available for Purchase

This page is dedicated to Don Gonzales saddles that are available for purchase.  As we are strictly a custom shop and very rarely build anything that isn’t an order, there will not be many saddles on this page.  But occasionally we do have a break in the schedule and do build a stock saddle or two from time to time.

The majority of saddles that will be showcased on this page are Used Don Gonzales saddles.  These are sometimes saddles that we took in on trade on a new custom order or a saddle that we are helping a customer sell.  We also post these saddles on social media and we have a waiting list of people actively buying them as they become available.  For this reason, many of the saddles that come to use are sold before ever making it to this page.

Below are the saddles that we currently have available in the shop.  If you see something you are interested in, please give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to answer any questions.

Saddles Currently Available

Used 14.5″ 1/2 Breed Floral OY Roper – SOLD

  • saddles-6

  • saddles-9

Price:  $4900 – SOLD

Used 16″ Bull Moose Ranch Saddle – SOLD

  • saddles

  • saddles-4

Price:  $3500 – SOLD

Used 13″ Buster Welch Barrel Saddle

  • saddles-11

Price:  $1900

Used 2011 Wade 15.5″ Seat – Sold

  • IMG_9184

  • IMG_9182

Price:  $3500 – Sold

Used 16″ Ranch Cutter

  • IMG_9040

  • IMG_9041

Price:  $2500

Used Cutter 3/4 Combination Tooled

  • doris

  • doris-4

Price:  $3750

Used Cutter 1/2 Breed Combination

  • doris-10

  • doris-9

Price:  $3200

Used Wood Post Will James

  • doris-8

  • doris-5

Price:  $4200

Used 16.5″ Cutter with Campbell’s Hardware

  • smith saddle
    smith saddle-2
    smith saddle-3

  • smith saddle-4
    smith saddle-5

Price:  $4500

Used 15″ Sunflower Tooled Wade Saddle

  • smith saddle
    smith saddle-2
    smith saddle-3

  • smith saddle-4
    smith saddle-5

Price:  $4200

Used 2012 14″ OY Half Breed Floral Roper

  • ramsey saddle-3
    ramsey saddle-4

Price:  $3850

Are you interested in our Used Saddles?

From time to time we get some of our custom saddles back in on trade and sell them here.

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