How to Make a Leather Apple Watch Band

In this Project video, I show you how to make a Leather Apple Watch Band.  I finally took some time to sit down and design three different styles based audience request.  The Apple Watch is extremely popular and having a custom leather watch band made for them is a common request.

Our goal with this video is to show my process for making the three different styles and to hopefully help anyone try their hand at making these.  If you are looking for that perfect Christmas item to offer to your customers as gift ideas, then this is a great one.

As with all of our Project Videos, we have created a Companion Pattern Pack.  In this pack, you will find all the cut patterns for all three styles as well as 6 different tooling patterns for each style.  If you would like to purchase the Companion Pack for this Project Video, then Click Here and grab that.

The buckles that I used for these bands are made by Rockin Out Silver.  These buckles are affordable and look great!

Here are some useful links of friends of ours and of videos I have done you might find helpful:

Here is an affiliate amazon link for the Apple Watch Adapters that I bought off Amazon.  (I get a couple pennies if you purchase using this affiliate link)

Dyeing background on leather and antiquing:

How I slick my leather edges:

As well as a blog post we wrote on slicking edges.

Leather and Supplies:

Sewing Machines: