How to Make a New Style Shave Kit

Last year around this time we created a project video for a shave kit.  That video was for what I call a “bear trap” style shave kit.  In this video I show how to make a new style shave kit.  I wanted a shave kit that wasn’t so big and bulky.  I also wanted one that could hang and this is what I came up with.

I don’t have a good name for this shave kit at this time.  I have just been calling it my “New Style.”  If you watch the video and have any suggestions on a cool name for it, let me know.

Did you try your hand at making the bear trap shave kit?  If you did and you enjoyed it, then this would be a great step up project.  This pattern isn’t extremely complicated, but it does have a few more challenging techniques in it.

If you are interested in the pattern pack that goes with this video, you can purchase the Companion Pack here.  The pattern pack is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD and comes with all the cut patterns as well as five different tooling pattern sets.

If you would like to see the bear trap style shave kit that we did last year, the link to that video is below.  There is a companion pack available for this shave kit as well and the link is in the description of that video.

Old Style or “Bear Trap” Shave Kit Video:

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