Online Leather Classes with DG LeatherCraft Academy

The biggest request we get is “Do we offer any Leather Classes?”

I’m going to cut right to the chase… we have a Big Announcement to make this month.  After a year or better of researching, planning, cussing, discussing and finally building… we are finally ready to reveal the biggest digital project we have ever created.

Based on the inquiry for leather classes and feedback that we have gotten over the years from amazing fellow LeatherHeads like you, we felt there was a real need in our industry for this type of product.  It took us some time to choose the right platform as well as build out all the components that go into creating something like this so that it offers the most value with the least amount of hassle on your end.

We think that we have done just that!

I would like to introduce our newest addition to DG LeatherCraft,

DG LeatherCraft Academy


DG LeatherCraft Academy is our new platform where we can create Online Courses that go in depth on different topics and areas of leather craft and design work.  Much further than we can on our YouTube channel or on our blog.  The Academy will be home to all of our future Premium Courses for those who want complete leather classes on particular topics and certain areas of the craft.

These courses will be completely online so that you can go through any of our leather classes at your pace on any device.  No set dates, times or having to travel out of state.  Once enrolled in a particular course, you can go through the curriculum all in one sitting in order… or you can do a lecture a day in any order you want.  And when you complete the course, you can go back through it again anytime as many times as you want.

Worksheets for these leather classes can be downloaded and printed so that you can work along with us throughout the course.  Then after completion you will have these sheets to reference if you need to.

Our first course available in the Academy is “How to Draw Leather Floral Patterns.” 

DG LeatherCraft Course

This course is based on a live course that we taught in person a few times as well as the eBook that we wrote “Introduction to Leather Floral Design.”   When you purchase the Premium Course you will get a digital copy of this ebook with the course.  This ebook and class was the spark that made us want to create these online courses.

From both the ebook and the in person class, we were able to see how many craftspeople desired to be able to draw their own tooling patterns.  With this and the tons of positive feedback we received about how these two things helped them, we knew that many more people would want to learn this information too.

Since I can’t travel all over the country teaching this subject… and not everyone can catch a plane to fly to Wheelock, America for a drawing class, we knew that the Online Course route was the best bet.

If you are interested in upping your floral tooling game, then learning how these patterns are created and being able to create patterns on your own will improve your tooling greatly.  

Take a minute to check out DG LeatherCraft Academy and see what you think.  The first course, “How to Draw Leather Floral Patterns,” is up and open for enrollment.  Get signed up today and let’s get to drawing some floral patterns!

DG LeatherCraft Academy is a stand alone platform that hosts all of our curriculum and courses.  With that, you will set up a new account when you purchase your first course.  You will use that log in when you want to log into the course or to purchase any future courses.  All other digital patterns, ebook, etc will be exactly where they always have been on our home website