How to make a Pistol Case with Maker’s Leather Supply

pistol caseThe product line at DG Saddlery over the years has included many types of leather goods.  We have designed and created knife scabbards, pistol holsters, belts, home decor, harness, tack and of course saddles.  One type of item that we attempted many times are zippered type bags.  This item not being my area of expertise, we were able to make something that worked but wasn’t at the level that we wanted to create.  Because of this, we as a company many times would stay away from taking orders on any type of zippered bag.

I have recently decided that I would like to finally gain the skill set needed to be able to create projects with zippers incorporated.  We were in Waco, TX recently to make a video with Aaron at Maker’s Leather supply on Sewing Machine Selection.  While we were there, Aaron and I decided to do a collaboration video together building a project.  He came up with the perfect project for our visit.

This video is our collaboration on the making of a pistol case.  This particular pistol case holds two pistols and zips closed.  This was a great project that allowed me to gain more knowledge about installing zippers in bag design.

The bag that we created is completely designed by Aaron and I designed the floral artwork for it.  We worked together over a couple days to create the bag you will see.  This was my first collaboration with another maker on video, and I was very excited with how it turned out… both the video and the project.  Aaron and Janie Sue at Maker’s Leather Supply were so much fun to hang out with and my time in their shop was inspiring for me and my shop.

For the patterns for the cut pieces of this bag, Aaron has created an Acrylic Template Pack that you can purchase on his website.  These acrylic templates are fantastic and really hold up well over time if you plan on making a lot of these.  There are two different gun cases in this template set… the one we made in the video as well as a triangular single pistol case template.  I highly recommend getting the templates and checking out ALL the other template packs that he has available on his website at Maker’s Leather Supply.

As with all of our project videos, we do have a Companion Tooling Pattern Pack available for purchase.  It has four different corner tooling sets much like you will see in the video.  With the size of this bag we were not able to create a full floral pattern that you would be able to print digitally so for now we are only offering a corner set pack.  The negative space can be beautifully filled in with quilting or your choice of geometric tooling.  I have also included corner tooling sets for the triangular pistol case that comes with his template set.

If you have been wanting to make a unique project for yourself or that gun enthusiast friend or family member, then this video along with our resources is sure to help you with that.  I was really pleased with how easily this bag went together and I think that after you watch the video you will be too.  If you have been wanting to dive into a project like this, then no better time than during the holiday season.  I think you will really enjoy making this project.