Cobra Sewing Machine Options with Maker’s Leather Supply

cobra sewing machineSelecting a Cobra Sewing Machine or any leather sewing machine can be challenging whether you are a first time buyer or have years of experience.  Doing the proper research to insure that you get the best possible machine to do the job you need it to do takes time and patience.

When I was in college doing leather work on the side, I hand stitched everything that I made.  Hand stitching is a valuable and necessary skill that all LeatherHeads should take the time to learn and master.  But there does come a point for most of us where a leather sewing machine becomes a much needed piece of equipment for our business.

There are so many different brands, sizes and styles of machines out there.  Selecting the best machine for your needs can be daunting.  The great news?  There is tons of information on the internet as well as helpful and knowledgeable people waiting to help with any questions or concerns that you may have when making the upgrade from sore fingers and long hours to powered sewing machines.

We recently took some time to visit with the folks at Maker’s Leather Supply so that we could help you answer some questions on some of the machines that they offer.  Maker’s Leather Supply deals in machines for the leather industry by Leather Machine Co.  These machines offer the industry’s best quality and customer support hands down.

I have been using the Cobra Class 4 sewing machine in my shop for right at 2 years now and I couldn’t be happier with its performance and the support I have gotten when I have had questions or concerns.

In this video, Aaron and I visit about some of the different options available as well as our opinion on buying your first machine if you are at that point in your Leathercraft journey.

Check out this video and if you get a chance check out Makers and see what Leather Machine Co. has to offer.

If you are new to sewing machines and looking for a good video on getting started using one, then check out this article and video we did on “Sewing Machine Best Practices.”

And if you have, or end up buying, the Cobra Class 4 Machine, then here is a video that we did “Installing the Cobra Class 4 Stirrup Plate.”