Spring is Almost Here!!!!



It’s March and we are still dealing with cold weather and many of us across the country are experiencing a fair amount of “winter mix” weather, but the fact is that winter is almost over and sunny days are soon to come.  With that, now is a great time to take a sunday afternoon and go through your tack room.  The majority of folks are fair weather horsemen and haven’t paid much attention to your saddle since before the holidays.

This is the time of year that our repair shop gets pretty busy and, depending on the repair, your normal wait on getting something fixed could be a couple weeks or better.  Now is a great time to go through your saddles and check key areas that may need attention before your right in the middle of the season and your saddle is in the shop. Continue reading

Loaded and ready!!!

After tons of preparation, stacks of leather, and elbow grease…. We are loaded and leaving for Clovis, NM for the All Around Ranch Rodeo Challenge. Our booth is bigger than ever and packed full of some of the best new and used saddles that we have to offer.

After a ten hour drive and lots of coffee we will rest up and awaken refreshed and ready to begin construction on the DG Saddlery booth. When the double mugging begins Thursday afternoon we will be in the booth and ready to begin a four day trade show with some of the best ranch rodeo cowboys in the world and their family and friends.

Come by the booth and have a seat.