How to Make a Simple Bible Cover

A Leather Bible Cover is probably one of the most popular items that leather craftsmen create for their customers.  They are also one of the most popular projects for a new LeatherHead to test his/her skills when it comes to making a book cover.  Bible covers offer much more room for leather tooling artwork which in turn allows for a lot more customization.

In this video, I show you how I make a simple leather bible cover.  This bible cover has no type of closure nor the use of zippers.  For a very clean and professional looking book cover, you can’t beat this style.

I used an NIV Personal Size Bible that I purchased at Walmart for this project.  The actual size of the Bible was 5.5″ X 8.5″ and the leather front and back panels ended up being 6″ X 9 3/8″ to allow for a comfortable fit.  My spine piece was 2.5″ wide including the 3/4″ allowance on the sides to allow for the thickness of the Bible that I used.  The brand of the Bible was Zondervan.  You can certainly adjust your measurements to fit any Bible or book that you choose to use for this project.

This is probably one of the shortest project videos that we have created.  This should let you know how simple this project is to create.  If you have been searching for the perfect project to offer to your customers or just to make for family or friends, this is the project.  I make this Bible Cover in three pieces which allows for easier use of your scrap leather, but you could certainly make the outside from one solid piece if you prefer.

There is a Companion Pattern Pack available for this project as with all of our project videos.  The pattern pack includes all the dimensions that I used, all the cut patterns, and 10 different floral tooling patterns!  As with all of our pattern packs, these are digital downloads in PDF format.  After purchasing the pattern pack, you will be emailed a link to download the pack and print out on your own printer.  We do not mail these out to you in the mail.  This allows you to have instant access to the patterns so that you can get busy creating your Bible Cover project.

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The leather that I used for this project was Herman Oak Leather and you can purchase this leather from Makers Leather Supply.  Visit their website to see what other amazing products they have to offer!

The machine that I sewed this project on was the Cobra Class 4 from Leather Machine Co.  Visit their website if you would like to see other machines they offer.

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