Tooling a Leather Wallet

For many of us that start in leather work, we start by making small leathergoods such as wallets, belts, and knife sheaths.  In this video I show you my process of tooling a leather wallet.  Everyone has a different approach to tooling floral design so keep in mind there are other ways of doing this.

Leather Supplies Needed

  • leather wallet blank
  • swivel knife
  • leather stamping tools
    • undercuts
    • bevelers
    • bargrounders or backgrounders
    • leaf liner
    • mules foot
    • seeder
    • flower center
    • thumbprints
  • leather wallet tooling pattern
  • spray bottle with water in it
  • solid workbench to work on with granite top
  • mallet or maul

Tooling a Leather Wallet Video



I hope you found this video on tooling a leather wallet helpful and are able to take some information and use it in your workshop.  I will work on doing a more in-depth video and article soon on my tooling process.  Thank you for the support and if you have any questions or have any ideas for tutorials you would like for me to do in the future shoot me an email and we will work on that.

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