george strait

Third year at the George Strait Team Roping

Well it’s upon us again. Seems like we just finished the Christmas season, and here we are set up at the George Strait Team roping Classic in San Antonio, TX.

This is our third year attending this event and we are looking forward to seeing our friends and making new ones. Like every year in the past, we try to start early and have two or three custom saddles made for this show. Again this year we were only able to bring one. With our growing order list and the demand our saddles have at home, we were only able to escape Brazos county with one.

This is the first time in our three years here that the weather has been bad. It’s currently raining and cold, so the ropers will have to contend with cold fingers if they want a chance at the money, truck and trailer.

Good luck to all the contestants! And to all the spectators, set back and enjoy some of the best team roping action on the planet!

George Strait Team Roping

The 2011 George Strait Team Roping Classic is one of rodeo’s biggest event and winning it is an accomplishment that all ropers dream of making.

We want to thank all those that came by our booth at the event and hope to see them at our next event. This was our second year and we plan on making it a yearly tradition. Please visit our website DGSaddlery.comfor more information about our saddles and to stay connected with us on Facebook.