DG Saddlery Third Annual Team Roping

Mark you calendars for the third annual DGSaddlery team roping which will be held in Caldwell, TX August the 6. The last two years of this roping have been a great success and we hope that rid year will be no different.

As the day comes closer we will post more info about the roping here. As usual, the high money winner of the day will receive a certificate for a custom DG saddle. Cory Hendricks and Jimbo Daniels are our previous winners and we thank both of them for roping and hope their saddles are treating them well. Along with the saddle, we give away other prizes and gifts to show our appreciation for our customers and give thanks for their support.

Don’t miss this event! If you have any questions please contact the saddle shop at 979-775-6300 or email Jodi (jodi@dgsaddlery.com) and visit our website DGSaddlery.

Big Loop Big Money

This weekend is the Big Loop roping in Bryan, TX at the expo center. We have been on the road for two weeks straight and now we will set up our booth here at home in Bryan. For all the ropers who are coming to the roping good luck and be sure and come by the booth for some great deals and see some of our new stuff. And for the ropers trying to decide where to go this weekend, the Big Loop is your best option… Don’t miss it come out and rope at one the best ropings available today.

Hope to see you there!

When to replace stirrup leathers

“if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. This seems to be the thought with most people when it comes to their saddles, but this idea could lead to having to fix some body part when it comes to stirrup leathers. Some get lucky and the stirrup leather will brake right as you put your weight in the stirrup getting on or off your horse. Unless your riding a colt, this is usually in eventful. Other unfortunate souls will be leaned out over a steer or yearling about to take that perfect shot when… Here comes the ground. Ouch!

Take a second to check your leathers every so often. Look for heavy corrosion of the Blevins buckle, this can lead to the actual buckle braking. Look at the holes, are they stretched out or have cracking around the hole. Also, try to fold the leather in a couple spots. If you see the leather crack at the fold then it is probably time for a new pair.

When you decide that you need new stirrup leathers, or after the accident, replace both sides and DO NOT patch them. Patching stirrup leathers may be cheaper, but you are only buying time till… Here comes the ground! Ouch!