How to Make a Clutch Wallet

In this video I show you how to make a clutch wallet.  These wallets are a great item for rookie leather craftsmen as well as the experienced.  There are many variations that can be made from this simple design.

I walk you through my entire process of creating one of these popular wallets.

These are great gift ideas for the woman in your life or to offer to your customers who are wanting to give that special everyday carry gift.

Clutch Wallet Companion Pack Available

If you would like to make one of these yourself and would prefer to use my patterns, then you can purchase the Companion Pattern Pack that goes along with this video.

This pattern pack is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF that includes all the cut patterns and 8 different tooling patterns.  The patterns have all the line up marks and hole patterns that you need to accomplish this build with ease. 

Useful Companion Links for this video

As mentioned in the video here is the link to the video that we did on Slicking Edges… so if you haven’t viewed this video and need help with slicking edges then check this video out.  There is also a blog article that I wrote on this as well and you can check that out by Clicking Here.

If you would like to make a neat gift set using this wallet, then I would suggest pairing this wallet with a Wristlet Purse which would make a really cool gift set.  You can see how I build one of these by watching our Wristlet Purse Video.

Here are some other useful links for supplies and other tools you may find interesting: