DGSaddlery Roping a Success!

We at DG Saddlery would like to thank all those who attended our 3rd annual DG Saddlery Team Roping in Caldwell, TX this past weekend. We had 491 teams for the day and enjoyed spending time with all our friends and making new ones.

Congratulations to George Mueller for winning the high money of the day and a certificate for a custom saddle! We look forward to working with Mr. Mueller designing his new custom Don Gonzales saddle!

We hope everyone enjoyed our roping and for those that didnt get to make it this year, we will have another one next year and we hope to make it bigger and better than is year. Also if you forgot to purchase your DG Saddlery tshirt from the roping we have them available at the shop or you can contact us through the our website DGSaddlery or call us at 979-775-6300.

Thanks again and we hope the rest of your team roping season goes well. Come see us in Waco, TX this weekend!