Dark Floral Roping Saddle

It’s not very often that I get time to build a saddle just to build one with no goal in mind for it. This roping saddle is one of those saddles.

I started this saddle in October of 2023 using a spare 14″ OY tree that I had from Ray Lewis. Working on the saddle on evening and weekends, the saddle was finished in May of 2024. This saddle spent a lot of time sitting off to the side with nothing being done to it. It wasn’t a priority and didn’t have a deadline so it was allowed to sit unfinished.

The saddle is what I call a 3/4 Floral which means the swells, cantle, fenders and stirrups are tooled. The rest of the saddle is buffed rough out leather. I tooled a Sheridan style floral pattern that is finished out with a Dark Oil Antiqued finish.

The saddle features an inskirt rigging which has become my preferred rigging to use on both Ranch and Roping saddles. With a stainless steel full round ring, this rigging is as strong or stronger than any of the full double dee riggings we have done in the past. Another advantage of this style of rigging is the reduction in bulk in front of the fenders. This allows for ease of movement of the riders feet and leg position.

The OY tree is hands down our most popular roping tree styles, and Ray Lewis is our most requested tree maker. We have made many roping saddles on this tree, but this one is a little different as it doesn’t have leg cuts in the swells. The leg cuts are common on most roping saddles and allow you to ride a slightly shorter seat than you might usually. As you can see in the photos this saddle doesn’t have leg cuts.

This saddle can be seen at our shop and is available for purchase. The saddle has enough tooling to catch some eyes and look classy, but not so much that you are scared to use it. Come by the shop and sit in this saddle, or give us a call with any questions.