About Us

Don Gonzales Saddlery was founded in 2004 by Don Gonzales.  Growing up in South Texas, Don spent the majority of his youth tinkering with many different forms of art but predominantly fixating on leather work with a passion for floral carving and design.

DONBLACK (2)Since junior high school, Don’s artwork and style has evolved into his own truly unique look.  The patterns and designs that have come out of the last decade of work here in Bryan, TX are greatly due to DGS customers’ ideas and passion for style that very few craftsmen will attempt to supply.

DGS has developed a strong name in the high end custom saddle market while also supplying the demand for one of a kind belts, wallets and other custom leather accessories.  Being inspired from many different genres, DGS has an uncanny ability to bring ideas to life in their work no matter the background of the customer.

Want to see what goes on behind the scenes at the shop? 

Check out our “Daily Grind” page for works in progress and saddle shop life photos!