cobra class 4

Installing the Cobra Class 4 Stirrup Plate

In this video I show you how to install the Stirrup Plate on a Cobra Class 4 Sewing Machine from Leather Machine Co.  The process in this video can also be used for other sewing machines that have a similar stirrup plate option.  This is also the process for installing the Holster Plate as well.

If you have been putting off trying out your stirrup plate on your Cobra machine, then I hope this video helps with any fears about the difficulty in changing this plate out.  Changing the plate out isn’t difficult and is worth the steps so that you can easily sew your stirrups or holsters using these plates.

If you haven’t watched our video on how I cover my stirrups, then you can watch that video here:


I also mention in the video a use that I found for the holster plate.  This plate makes sewing the gusset on our shave kits much easier.  You can watch our video on how I make my shave kits here:


Thanks so much for watching and I hope you found this video helpful.  If you have particular questions concerning your Cobra machine, then be sure and give Maker’s Leather or Leather Machine Co. a shout.  They are both very helpful with any help you may need with these machines.  And if you are thinking of getting a sewing machine then I would highly recommend checking out all the machines in the Cobra Lineup!  Here are links to both:

Maker’s Leather Supply

Leather Machine Co.



Leather Sewing Machine Best Practices

Sewing leather is by far the most common task that we have in our leather shops.  Whether you are hand sewing everything, or using a leather sewing machine, you will have to sew leather on just about every project.  In this post, I share the first of a three part video series on leather sewing machine best practices with the hopes of helping you become more efficient and safe while using an electric sewing machine.

When I started doing leather work, I didn’t have a leather sewing machine and spent many hours hand sewing my projects.  Though this is not the most efficient way to complete projects, I do believe that it is very important to become proficient at this skill.  So if you are still in the hand stitching stage of your leatherworking journey, don’t fret!  You are at a very important stage and learning this skill will serve you well for the rest of your leather career.  But when the time comes when you can upgrade to an electric sewing machine, I would highly recommend adding this piece of equipment to your shop. Continue reading